Pedro Zuidberg Dos Martires

postdoctoral researcher in aritifial intelligence


I am a postdoctoral researcher in the MPI Lab at Ă–rebro University, Sweden. Broadly speaking, my research interests lie with artificial intelligence and machine learning, with a specialized emphasis on neuro-symbolic methods. In essence, my work involves harmonizing formal models of the world, usually provided by domain experts or grounded in scientific theories, with powerful function approximators like neural networks. My overarching scientific objective centers on the development of systems capable of both reasoning and learning when confronted with raw sensory data. To attain this ambitious goal, I advocate for a comprehensive approach, a philosophy also in my diverse research activities. These activities span a spectrum that encompasses, inter alia, probabilistic inference with discrete-continuous data, neuro-probabilistic programming, and cognitive robotics.

Prior to joining the Ă–rebro University i was a postdoctoral fellow and PhD student in the DTAI Lab at the KU Leuven, Belgium, where I also obtained my PhD under the supervision of Luc De Raedt.

Selected Papers

Asking a scholar for their favorite paper is like asking a parent for their favorite child…